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Hey Spacey, Have You Tried This? Onideus Mad Hatter 26-07-2007
 Re: Hey Spacey, Have You Tried This? Onideus Mad Hatter Reply Send to a Friend   Print
On Wed, 1 Aug 2007 11:44:57 +0100, Toby A Inkster
<usenet200707@tobyinkster.co.uk> wrote:

>WRONG! You don't need a computer to go online. Any vaguely recent mobile
>phone has web access.

By definition, a mobile phone is still a computer, you retard.

>One could argue-snip-

There's nothing TO argue, by definition a mobile phone *IS* a

: Also called processor. an electronic device designed to accept data, 
: perform prescribed mathematical and logical operations at high speed, 
: and display the results of these operations. 

Or if you want a more modern definition...

: An electronic device that stores and manipulates information. Unlike  a
: calculator, it is able to store a program and retrieve information 
: from its memory. Most computers today are digital, which means they 
: perform operations with quantities represented electronically as 
: digits.

....either way your mobile phone *IS* a computer, you retard.

>that modern phones are actually
>low-powered computers, but then you need to accept that there are a huge
>number devices capable of connecting to the Internet but incapable of
>running Flash.

Duh...yer kinda slow, huh retard:

Boy, I guess that darned old technology just moves too fast for an
Amish like you to keep up with, huh?

....hell yer so fuckin out of date you think you can't print pages with
Flash, LOL.

>While there are about 850 M people who access the Internet via traditional
>computers, there are 750 M who use their phones. (Yes, there is an
>overlap!) But guess which group is growing fastest? The cross-over is
>expected to happen later this year or early next year. That is, in twelve
>months, more people will access the Internet through their phones than
>through traditional computers.
>And there's room for a lot more growth. There are a lot of phones out
>there which aren't now being used for Internet access, but will do as the
>prices come down, data speeds go up, and it becomes more socially "normal".
>There are 2.7 *BILLION* mobile phones out there! That's more than the
>number of televisions and cars in the world *ADDED TOGETHER*!
>In Western Europe, mobile phone per-capita penetration is at over 110%.
>Hong Kong and Taiwan are nearing 150% per-capita penetration. Per-capita:
>yes, that includes newborn babies and deaf old women.
>Mobile phones do not support Flash. Yes, there are one or two edge cases:
>Windows Mobile-based phones that support Flash Lite, but by and large,
>mobile phones do not support Flash. You effectively need an Intel
>processor running Windows, Mac OS or Linux. (There is also a Mac PowerPC
>version of Flash, but performance on it sucks.)
>We desktop users are becoming dinosaurs; old fuddy-duddies. In 2-3 years
>time, a web page that requires a desktop computer to view will, to many,
>seem as bizarre as a fast-food drive-through that requires its customers
>to use a horse and cart.

....wow...how fuckin backwards can you get?  I mean, number one,
Verizon Wireless is the largest U.S. wireless company and largest
wireless data provider and if they buy out Alltel (and all signs point
to yes), then they'll be so fuckin huge they'll literarily dwarf the

....and yes, you moron, Verizon's system is setup to use Flash Lite.

....also, Flash CAN be installed on pretty much ALL mobile devices
these days, from Cingular's 8125, to the iRiver U10, to the Sony CLIE
series, to any mobile device running Microsoft Pocket PC...yeah, all
of 'em work with Flash, you fuckin retard.

>Flash currently works on a small majority of Internet devices, but that
>will soon become a large minority.

Flash currently works on the majority of Internet devices, but that
will soon become the VAST majority, you bumbling idiot.

>Pretty much anything that has an Internet connection supports XHTML 1.0
>Strict and HTML 4.01 Strict, and that's not likely to change at any time
>over the next 5-10 years.


HTML is a dying language, its only real use is for amateur level web
developers who are playing in the kiddie sand box.  Flash and other
high end content solutions will eat the language alive in the next 5
to 10 years.

>Learning and using HTML, and server-side technologies that serve HTML to
>clients is a valuable skill, and will stand you in good stead for the next
>decade against a changing and unpredictable online landscape.

Only if Flash chooses to include more support for HTML within
itself...otherwise no.

>> Um, hello, the only time you would be using a screen reader is IF YOU
>> WERE FUCKING BLIND!  And if you were blind...why in the fuck would you
>> have Flash enabled?

>A blind person may share a computer with a fully sighted person.

And why would the blind person not be using a plain text browser like
Lynx?  Hurr, hurr, thinking is teh HARD for you, innt?

>> And everything else being Flash based.  Really, the problem isn't with
>> Flash, the problem is with those third party software developers who
>> are simply lazy fucking antediluvian bastards.  I mean if Google can
>> setup their search engine to spider all the text content in a Flash
>> file...yeah, anybody can do it, there is no excuse.

>It doesn't *spider* Flash content. It *indexes* it. There's a key
>difference: it cannot follow links embedded in Flash.

Actually, you retard, Google hasn't come out and officially stated
either way however most experts agree that it is highly likely that
Google can spider Flash content by checking for the loadMovie tag.
The only real question is the relational relevance of the spidering
and how it compares to spidering regular hyperlinks.

BTW, did I mention you were a fuckin retard...because you are.


Onideus Mad Hatter
mhm  x 

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