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Hey Spacey, Have You Tried This? Onideus Mad Hatter 26-07-2007
 Re: Hey Spacey, Have You Tried This? Onideus Mad Hatter Reply Send to a Friend   Print
On Wed, 01 Aug 2007 06:47:48 -0700, Chaddy2222
<spamlovermailbox-sicurity@yahoo.com.au> wrote:

>Well considering that Hatter said that my site looked like "old Arse"
>I would suggest that he would not be able to grasp the fact that his
>sites need to actually be umm used by real people,

Real people don't want to visit sites that look like old ass.  Ask
yourself this kiddo...how many corporate websites do you know of that
look like your sites...yeah, none.  Free cl00, there's a REASON for
it.  *nods*

....some kids can be a lil a slow, it's best to try and explain things
to them by using examples...beating them senselessly with their own
stupidity helps too sometimes.  ^_^

>mind you they seam
>to have bugger-all content anyway and god knows why people would waste
>good money on sites that look like that (art sites being the exception
>to that rule obviously.

Oh so then you think a PLAIN TEXT site would be superior to

What about this:

Or this:

Or this:

....none of those are "art sites" and yet, all of them would be nothing
short of pointless and retarded WITHOUT all those fancy graphics to

Granted a VERY small portion of the population doesn't do so well with
VISUAL BASED LEARNING and for weirdos like you it's good to have plain
text alternatives, but for the VAST MAJORITY of NORMAL PEOPLE...yeah,
visual is ALWAYS better.

>If flash is such a great tool then why the
>hell did most Universities stop useing it to design their sites with
>years a go.

Um, most universities ARE using Flash...not necessarily for their
visitor pages, but often for their learning aides/sites.

Although, if you're talking YEARS ago (you seem to be stuck in the
past), then yeah, Flash really wasn't a very viable solution.  Really,
only since around September of last year when a beta version of Flash
9 was released for Linux did Flash actually become a viable, dominant
solution over HTML, etc.

>Or comercial sites for that matter I mean most comercial
>sites useing it use a combonation of HTML and CSS, why cause they work
>and provide a much better user experience then Flash.

Actually the VAST majority of commercial sites are largely Flash
based.  Especially art, music, movie, theater, entertainment, etc
sites.  Other commercial sites rely heavily on Flash for content
displays, for example many online retailers like Wal*Mart use Flash to
display their weekly ads: http://tinyurl.com/2bpny8

And since the advent of Flash 9 and Actionscript 3, the number of
Flash sites and Flash use continues to grow at a near exponential
rate.  Within the next five years nearly ALL content online will Flash
based, that is an undeniable FACT.  Unless HTML can magically turn
into something that it simply isn't, Flash will eat it alive.  It was
different years ago, when Flash was mostly limited to producing simple
animations and the level of cross compatibility wasn't as far reaching
and the plug-in wasn't in use as much...however that's all changed.  

While you HTML loving retards were busy stroking yourself off to CSS,
touting it as the new messiah to save your failing language...Flash
went and one upped you and included the ability to use CSS on Flash
content.  Flash also included support for the On2 VP6 codec which
allowed for high quality, highly compressed video to be displayed
within Flash directly, that in turn spawned sites like YouTube, which
then instantly exploded the number of users with Flash installed on
their systems.  At that point, since millions already had Flash plugin
installed and with it being nearly universally cross browser and cross
operating system compatible, yeah, at that point it became the be all
and end all solution as far as the user front end.  At that
point...HTML was declared dead by any developer who wasn't plainly
fuckin stupid.

At this time most commercial sites are in a desperate race to try and
switch their content over to Flash and to exploit all the incredible
new features of ActionScript 3, most of which haven't even had their
surface scratched as far as their potential.

Of course there is a bit of problem in that there is a severe LACK of
high end Flash developers...which is one of the reasons why I get job
offers in places like New York and SF on nearly a weekly basis now.

>have some very good examples of why Flash is not good for an entire
>site (with the exception being those sites I have already mentioned.

Again, you confuse developer limitations with application limitations.
Flash is perfect for an entire site...so long as it's constructed


Onideus Mad Hatter
mhm  x 

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