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Hey Spacey, Have You Tried This? Onideus Mad Hatter 26-07-2007
 Re: Hey Spacey, Have You Tried This? Onideus Mad Hatter Reply Send to a Friend   Print
On Wed, 01 Aug 2007 08:56:58 -0700, SpaceGirl
<nothespacegirlspam@subhuman.net> wrote:

>I don't. I guess you assume all people use Windows? About 15% of
>people don't. Either way, I do not maximize any program, except for
>FCP or PhotoShop. My primary screen is 2560 x 1600 and that would be a
>VAST wast of space to max out a browser window. Generally I have a few
>browser windows floating around, or punted off to one of the two add
>on screens I have. Even then I wont run them full screen, as they
>share desktop space with chat windows, video preview or a TV window,
>or maybe iTunes.
>Don't assume everyone works the way you do, or the way I do.

I don't, I assume that most people are like you...stupid. Hence the
reason I spend so much time tyring to circumvent as much of the
stupidity as possible. A screen with a 1.6 ratio might be
semi-suitable for watching movies on your computer, but otherwise no.
You would find that you could get a LOT more done if you had bought
three of four SMALLER monitors (and by smaller I mean the aspect
ratio) and then used multiple desktops.  The trick of it is, and this
is the part that most stupid people don't comprehend, is that the VAST
majority of programs, websites, etc were ALL designed around a 1.3
aspect ratio...so when you try viewing all that 1.3 content on a 1.6
screen...yeah, wasted space, kludged interfaces and a completely
unnatural user experience that retards your ability to multitask and
get work done.

I'm tellin ya, if you took even one day to switch over to a 3 to 4
monitor setup, with the monitors aspect ratios being 1.3 you would
NEVER want to go back to that kludgy 1.6 ratio two monitor setup that
you've currently got.

Overall I've found the best setup as far as productivity is three 20
inch monitors (with an screen size aspect ratio of 1.3) with a
resolution of 1600 x 1200...although usually I keep one at 1024x768
that I use for word processing, Usenet and other largely text based
endeavors since I get a larger text view...it's also good for website
resolution testing since 1024x768 is the current general standard.

>We did a user survey about a year ago on usage of one of our sites and
>only found about 3% of the 100,000 users we had in the snapshot
>maximised their browsers.

Well, your survey and 50 cents will get you a cup of coffee, but not
much else.  I mean, you're ASSuming that the people doing the survey
even knew what the hell "maximized" meant.  I bet if you went and took
a poll right now on the street you would find that only about 3% would
even know what the hell you were talking about.

>> *rolls eyes*

>No task bar. *rolls her eyes*

Reason number 827 why the Mac OS sucks balls.

>> >You have a misconception about the term "liquid layout".  The web is not
>> >paper, liquid layout does not mean zoom. Liquid layout for a website
>> >means that is remains usable regardless of not only the screen
>> >resolution but the browser's viewport aspect ra-SNIP-

>> There are two primary terms, "liquid" and "true/perfect liquid".  The
>> former is in relation to liquid space stretched text, where as the
>> later is used to describe sites in which ALL elements are liquid
>> sizable depending on the display resolution and/or browser window
>> size.

>Not traditionally. Traditionally liquid layout refers to the content
>reorganising itself depending how much space is available, not
>actually expanding the content size itself.

Hence the addition of "true/perfect".  Liquid, as I said, refers to
space stretching, not really stretching the actual content, where as
"true" or "perfect" liquid means to actually stretch the content
itself, not simply the space it's in.

>At least with Flash you do have complete control over all of this.

Yeah but most developers don't make use of it.

I've been considering writing a book on Flash development and
specifically covering topics like that, explaining how to make usable
Flash sites and how to avoid all the cliche's and such...if I ever get
the time.  I've suddenly found myself working at Wal*Mart full time as
an inventory control specialist...it pays pretty well and the job
isn't very hard, best of all it's local (I'm not interested in moving
to the big city just to get a job as a Flash developer).

It's funny, cause I didn't really intend to get the job and at first I
didn't, but then after they rejected me I sent a rather nasty email to
their corporate office pretty much ripping apart their entire hiring
process and the lack of professionalism on their part and then
suddenly they called me back in, offered me a full time position,
medical/dental benefits, 401K plan, 10% discount on merchandise and a
hefty salary to boot...so it was a little hard to turn down.  The
other thing that's hard to turn down is all the overtime I want,
problem is then I'm left with little to no time to work on any tech
stuff...but I am makin a ton 'o money which is pretty nice.

I guess it's not completely accurate to say I don't do any technical
work, since I'm currently working on a new inventory control system
that uses RFIT tags and GPS in order to keep accurate track of
inventory locations in the storage area in order to maximize product
stocking.  The current method we use is uh...well it's horribly
inefficient to say the least.


Onideus Mad Hatter
mhm  x 

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