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Hey Spacey, Have You Tried This? Onideus Mad Hatter 26-07-2007
 Re: Hey Spacey, Have You Tried This? Onideus Mad Hatter Reply Send to a Friend   Print
On Wed, 01 Aug 2007 10:38:06 -0700, Chaddy2222
<spamlovermailbox-sicurity@yahoo.com.au> wrote:

>> >> Oh so then you think a PLAIN TEXT site would be superior to
>> >> say...this:
>> >> http://www.backwater-productions.net/wwcc/yoga-online/

>> >Yes!.

>> ...okay lemme see if I got this right...you think a plain textual
>> description of yoga positions would somehow be BETTER than video clips
>> showing REAL PEOPLE in the positions and doing the yoga exercises?
>> ...WHAT?!

>You obviously have no idea of what I siad or did NOT read it

....or, for those of use who aren't living in Bizzaro world like you,
we DID read it correctly and it is YOU who didn't WORD IT correctly.
I mean, I asked a question point blank, you responded to it with a
positive exclamation...pretty much doesn't get any more crystal fuckin
clear than that.

>I have nothing against the use of Flash and actually in the case of
>that site both a description of the steps involved and the video would
>be ideal.

A written description isn't really needed with the audio and the
video...unless maybe the student is deafblind...that condition however
affects only about .02% of the population and the number of TRUE
deafblind (absolutely no sight or hearing) is about .002% and since
nearly all of those cases involve persons who are in some kind of
institutional and/or 24 hour care (such as stroke
victims)...yeah...statistically speaking the probability of the small
town community college enrolling a total deafblind individual who
would take the course would be...zero, it simply wouldn't happen short
of a miracle and if that miracle occurred I'm sure someone would take
the time to write out some text descriptions, but there's no sense in
doing extra work that doesn't NEED to be done unless it actually
BECOMES needed.

>> You really are an idiot and I really don't mean that in a playful
>> manner, I mean you REALLY ARE an idiot.
>WELL, if that's what you want to think then go right ahead.... Might I
>remind you that there are laws regarding web accessibility and that
>you can be sued for siscrimonation if your sites do not meet
>particular regulations, and they don't just govern government sites.

Yeah, that wouldn't stand up so well in court in this day in age.  In
case you hadn't noticed you're linking to something that was only
partially relevant about SEVEN YEARS AGO.  In fact I can tell you with
ABSOLUTE certainty that if someone ever got me in a court room over a
case like that..I'd have the whole thing ripped apart by the end of
it.  Same with many other antediluvian laws/regulations/etc, like the
DMCA for example, that piece of trash really is standing on failing
legs these days.  Although at least the RIAA and the MPAA are
intelligent enough to only pursue cases with guaranteed wins (like the
ones where they can get kids kicked out of college if they don't bow
down and settle out of court).

Generally stuff like that can't even make it to court because there
has to ACTUALLY be a disabled person who can't access the content and
in the case of a college it has to be a student OF the college that
can't access the content and even then the content would have to be
required for the course and it would have to be the only form, so like
with the yoga thing, since there's an actual, real life yoga course as
well as an online version...yeah, the disabled person can be
accommodated by having them attend the live course.

This is my favorite part of that antediluvian text you linked to:
"The Internet and the web were (and mostly still are) based on
printable text"

LOL, not anymore.  ^_^

At this point the vast majority of content online is multimedia based,
not text based...unless maybe you want to include bloggers and message
boards, but I generally consider those to be in a different class,
sort of like comparing websites to Usenet groups, they're basically
apples and oranges.


Onideus Mad Hatter
mhm  x 

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