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Hey Spacey, Have You Tried This? Onideus Mad Hatter 26-07-2007
 Re: Hey Spacey, Have You Tried This? Onideus Mad Hatter Reply Send to a Friend   Print
On 30 Jul 2007 05:04:32 GMT, Neredbojias <monstersquasher@yahoo.com>

>>> Yes, you make many good points.  I think the conclusion is that Flash
>>> has to be improved, as does html/css, etc.  -And the browsers.  It's
>>> just that sometimes I get a little sick of all the things that
>>> _don't_ work under "normal" html auspices.  Yesterday I found a
>>> beauty of a bug in Firefox.  Reload a page of thumbs and the first
>>> one disappears...  Oh, I'm sure there are conditions.  I think the
>>> thumb has to be bigger than a certain size, and perhaps centering
>>> plays a part, but it's definitely a bug - for something as simple as
>>> that.  (Probably relates to the cache because it only happens
>>> online.)  Geesh, will they ever get it right? 

>> Yes and no. Flash CS3 (AS3) is a quantum leap in technology as far as 
>> online multimedia goes, so it is down to developers & designers
>> getting to grips with it rather than any particular flaws in the
>> technology itself. Of course, Flash is not perfect, but we're FAR from
>> close to exploring the limits of the sort of experiences AS3 allows us
>> to create. And because the world is moving fast, of course... we'll
>> never get it right. There's always something new and untested, some
>> new technology that is 1st generation or some new way of rendering
>> content. Personally I think HTML is going to become less and less
>> important. We live in a multimedia world, and the top-down "page"
>> metaphor has a limited future; video, interaction, graphics, different
>> ways of exploring information and content, completely new metaphors
>> for describing content; these are things HTML is terrible at. Adobe
>> Flash CS3 (Flash 9 with AS3) and Microsoft's WPF are a step into the
>> sort of platforms we should be developing for online.

>Uh huh, my feelings are very similar to yours.  I do think the situation 
>might have been currently different if html were the crisp, adept, non-
>buggy interface it's supposed to be, however.  But reality is different, 
>and as I implied before, pagemakers will use whatever best satisfies 
>_their_ needs to create the kind of page they want to communicate with 
>_their_ audience.  It's a bit like the difference between .wma and .mp3 
>files.  To digital music fans, the former is a joke, -created by MS to 
>control the interests of themselves and their proprietary clients.  Well, I 
>don't care about those interests; I care about my own.  Mp3s are much less 
>invasive or restrictive.  So saying, the main trouble I have with Flash is 
>that it's still proprietary.  If Abode were smart, they'd open-source it.  
>-Now, before something free [and more "accessible" :)] takes it place.

Um...why would you want it open sourced?  If they did that, it would
instantly plagued with the same problems as HTML...and that'd sure
suck eight ways to last week.  Beside which, even if the language is
proprietary that doesn't mean third party development tools can't be
created.  I don't even use Adobe/Macromedia's Flash builder, I use
SwishMax, which has a VASTLY superior interface.  Although in a sense
it *IS* kind of open source, for example in SwishMax there are many
things coding wise that are different from the way you would code in
Adobe/Macromedia's Flash builder. The core functions of the language
can't be changed, but the syntax and code building methodology can
certainly be made custom as far the precompiled developer front end is

So in summary, Flash is basically proprietary open source.  It has all
the advantages of open source development with all the advantages of a
proprietary system (being universally cross compatible) and none of
their downsides.


Onideus Mad Hatter
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